Operation Clean Slate is an Award Winning Program

OCS is recognized for outstanding achievement in Cultural Arts, Youth, Health, Education, Civic Community Service, Service by or for Senior Citizens, Social Community Service, Environment/Conservation and honored for creating meaningful change in communities with the following awards:

PBS SoCal Community Champion

Disneyland Community Service Award

Keep California Beautiful Award

The Register Charities Award

Points of Light Award




Operation Clean Slate is happy to receive letters from our student volunteers, faculty, staff and community members where our murals have made a positive, long lasting difference that sounds for many years. Here are a few:

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Hi Michael,

Thank you so much. The students and parents love all of the projects and were so impressed by how professional it all looks! It’s hard to believe you used volunteers. We really appreciate all of your hard work. I am glad everything worked out.

Have a good day and thank you again!

Andrea Norman
Principal, Santiago Elementary



Happy Holidays! Thanks for everything you did for us our campus looks great!!

Jennifer Gutierrez


Washington School



Everyone loved it.  We took a group picture.  Thank you for your wonderful work and brightening up our school.  See you for the next one.


107th St. Elem.



THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MURAL. The principal loves it and the staff really likes it too
Love the saying. THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Beautiful mural.!!!
Joanne Asato,  Union Elementary



Hello Michael,
The mural is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much and we hope you will pass on our thanks to the artists (especially staying so late to finish).  I was amazed how easy they made it look.
We will be sending along some thank you letters soon.  I was excited that they accommodated so many students.  We have 21 teachers in the Network and I wanted their students to be a part of it.
Thanks again, Pasquale Petix, Lankershim Elementary



Michael and crew,
Can’t thank you enough for our beautiful art work. It went up so quick with no disruption to our schedule. The students were rather sad that you weren’t here longer! I told them you would be back next year and maybe you could paint slower. Thanks again. If there is any way we can promote your company, let me know. Thanks again.
Cindy Ursprung  –  Garden Grove Elem.



Hi MIke (and Peter)!
WOW! you guys are amazing! The hallway looks great!  I haven’t seen the whole finished product since I left at 245pm today but what I have seen looks alive!
The lights bring out the mural and we are out of the dungeon!  Yipppeeee!
Thanks again from all of us at Lorena.



Love, Love, LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for another awesome mural!!  I will definitely throw some good stuff towards Nut Net about you and your team.  I love having you guys come out each year and add onto the previous year’s work.  It’s great!  That’s why I write you into the grant each year.
.  Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
-Melissa at Ambler Elem



Hello Michael

The mural looks fantastic and I have received lots of compliments on

your work. We currently have a teacher on staff that is an artist and

commented that your work was much better than the first artist. ONLY A

TRUE ARTIST CAN TELL THE DIFFENCE!. Everyone else thought the same person  did the work because you did such a great job blending the two murals.

The principal would like to add more murals throughout the campus

however her budget is tight. It doesn't look like it will get better for next year according to the governor. I will make sure to budget again next year with nutrition network funds to continue are Cafeteria area. Thanks  again for the great work.

Loretta Brown  Compton Avenue Elementary


June 07

Dear Mike & Mural Team

Caroldale loves our wonderful mural!!! It looks awesome and helps promote healthy eating to the whole school.  Thanks for all your hard work!!  We love it!!    Sincerely – Megan Schaller , Caroldale Elem



Hi again,

Sorry to hear you will not be around this year.  Will miss your enthusiam and work ethic.  Hope all is well with you and may we see you again next year!  I will keep you in mind for the project when you hopefully return to NutNet.  Thanks again!




Mike, We love our mural and it has real meaning for our school.

Thank you so very much.  It turned out perfectly!

Colleen Wilson




Thanks so much for the beautiful mural.  The principal and everyone

else that I’ve talked to has had nothing but good things to say aout it.

I’m sorry I didn’t see you before you left Tuesday so that I could thank you in person.  So far, no graffiti, however the plaque did come off—I have it and will get some more tape and put it back up.

Thanks again.     Deborah


Dear Mike, 5/17/06

Thank you so much for the beautiful mural!!!  The entire school just loves it.  The office manager faxed the form in today.  I hope you get paid soon.  Please tell Vanessa and the rest of your staff what a wonderful job they did.

Sincerely,    Linda Epping



Hey there Mike,

Yes, awesome job. My goodness, I really really like what you two did. It makes the cafeteria so much more cheerful and cute.

By the way, I never thanked you for the extra fruits you pinched in but I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend and keep in touch.



Mike 4/29/06

It looks fantastic!! You guys rock!!  Hopefully the surveys will all get turned in and will reflect how truly pleased we all are.  The principal can’t stop talking about it.  He wanted everyone to point it out during Open House.

Thanks again,  nancy            Hope you get paid soon!


Michael, 4/28/06

Are you finished with the mural?  Also, If I have the opposite wall painted a similar blue as the background, could you paint a few similar, smaller fruits and vegetables on it.

By the way, your mural is dynamite.

Margie Hawkins

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