How can my group/school participate with OCS?
Decide what type of project you’d like to do and where. Get permission for the wall. Raise or secure the funds required to sponsor a project. We’ll help with all the other components necessary to make your project a successful one. A simple phone call can get your very own mural project rolling (714) 856-4725

How much does a project cost?
Each project is unique and there are several factors that determine the cost of a mural. Size, design complexity & origination, surface, students involved, are a few things that influence the pricing. To give you a true estimate we will need to do a site visit. A typical range would be $15 to $20 per square foot.

What kind of paints do you use?
We use a safe, high quality indoor/outdoor water-based acrylic paint – Dunn-Edwards brand. The semi-gloss sheen is our favorite. These paints are a bit expensive but worth it.

Do we need a protective coating for our mural?
A protective coating (usually a polyurethane clear coat sealant) is recommended but not always necessary. It will prolong the life of the mural or map and may provide a little extra protection against graffiti vandalism should it occur. It can be provided for an additional fee.

How many children can participate on a project?
A typical Operation Clean Slate project will have 10 to 50 participants. More can participate depending on the mural size and working conditions.

How long does a mural project take to complete?
Depending on the size, complexity of design, working conditions, number of people helping and of course the weather, an OCS mural takes anywhere from one to ten days of painting time. That’s about 5 to 45 hours.

How can we do our own mural or map project?
If you’d like to tackle a mural or map on your own we’d be happy to help you get started. We are available on a consulting basis, fees starting at $400 (plus materials) and up depending on how much help you need.

What if I have any additional questions or want more info on OCS?
Call us!

Phone: (714) 856-4725

Fax: (714) 435-0980

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